Safety Services

Outreach Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy

Nuances Matter

Outreach Physical and Occupational Therapy and Speech Rehabilitation addresses more than just your current functional limitation. We know that the big picture is key to every aspect of your return to wellness. Therefore, in addition to therapy we offer:

  • Home Safety and Fall Risk Assessments
  • Education for Patients and Caregivers
  • Assistive Device Fitting/Requests

Each limitation requires specific care. We train patients and caregivers in a partnered approach, teaching them proper techniques in transfers. For example, getting out of bed or up from a chair. This seemingly simple detail is crucial in keeping attendants healthy so they can better care for patients. We also teach family and caregivers the proper patient exercises, so that activity can continue after Outreach leaves for the day.

We help you in the selection, acquisition, and proper use of an assistive device, when indicated. Whether you need a Hoyer lift, wheelchair, scooter rolling walker, cane, or an elevated toilet seat, Outreach is here to help.

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