Outreach Affiliates

Organizations we have partnered with.

Full Spectrum of At-Home Care

Outreach cooperates with a number of skilled and licensed practitioners, all of whom provide at-home and in-office care. We are happy to refer you to: doctors, nurse practitioners, social workers, outreach programs, podiatrists, personal trainers, massage therapists and dietitians.

Silver Stars Fitness:

When you have been injured, for any reason, and have had to go through physical therapy and rehabilitation, you never just want to completely stop. Post-rehabilitation routines are strongly encouraged as to prevent any recurring pain or injury and maintain the wellness that you have built up. Regaining strength and mobility is vital; in order to keep it, there are things that you can do, and we will show you how at Silver Stars Fitness!

Our personal training program is designed to target those finished with Physical Therapy and clients/patients who’ve been injured in the past; we provide programs that are specifically catered to their needs. Our approach and practices combine customized routines with our expertise led by Jason Greenspan for the long-term maintenance in our post-rehabilitation clients.

Inspired Memory Care:

Inspired Memory Care (IMC) is a training and consulting firm founded on the belief that older adults both with and without memory impairment should have access to life-enriching, esteem-building experiences, sharing their wisdom and pursuing their passions each day. IMC partners privately with families and with professional healthcare organizations for classroom training and on-site support to foster partnership with individuals living with dementia. IMC and Outreach collaborate to maximize independence by supporting clients living with memory impairment and their care-partners to set and reach their goals creatively in therapy, in turn, leading to better outcomes.

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