HIPPA Information

Outreach Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy

Your Privacy is Important

Outreach  limits the disclosure of your protected health information (PHI) to that necessary for treatment, payment and operations, as follows:

  • Treatment refers to specific sharing and use of your PHI relating to your direct care. This includes our employees, other consulting professionals and any disease management programs involved in your treatment.
  • Payment refers to specific sharing and use of your PHI for purposes of obtaining payment, including billing and collection from your primary and supplemental insurance carriers.
  • Operations refers to specific sharing and use of your PHI necessary for our administrative operations. These could include—but are not limited to—quality assessment, employee review, student training and other business activities.

We will not permit the following disclosures without your written authorization. Your refusal to provide such authorization will not affect your treatment.

  • Marketing
  • To your employer, except where necessary for provision of care or payment purposes (for example, if your employer is self-insured).
  • Other disclosures, unless for treatment, payment or operations.

We may make disclosures in certain situations as required by law, even without your written authorization.  These situations might include, but are not limited to:

  • When the information is completely anonymous, meaning all identifying information would be removed so your identity could not be determined.
  • When required by law, for example, public health reporting of a communicable disease.
  • To a public health authority designated to receive notification of abuse or neglect.
  • To your employer, if we are providing care to you at your employer’s request.
  • Pursuant to law enforcement, legal warrant or other order of the court.
  • Related to a judicial or administrative proceeding, provided certain circumstances are met.
  • For health oversight purposes, for example, an investigation of our practice for purposes unrelated to your treatment.
  • To the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, in the event of an adverse situation.
  • For military activity or national security.
  • For worker’s compensation purposes.

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