Read comments from our happy patients.

“Providing home care rehabilitation for Outreach is highly rewarding. As an Occupational Therapist, I can see the progress a patient makes toward becoming more independent in his/her own environment. Getting to know them as individuals in the process and seeing their faces brighten as they reach their goals – priceless. The staff is wonderful to work with as well, a very supportive team that strives to provide high quality care.”

– Sira M

“I was very impressed with the care that was rendered to my patient and thanks to Alex Greenspan from Outreach, my patient is on her way to a full functional status…”

– Barton N. MD

“I am writing this short note to thank Outreach for the wonderful work they have done with my Aunt Rosanna O. Before she had Outreach, she did not get out of bed and did nothing on her own. Now Rosanna is up and out AND with the desire to do more.”

– Family Caregiver

“The physical therapists at Outreach are the true unsung heroes… After my mother’s hip surgery, Outreach gave her such lovely and personable care that my mother felt cheered on to move ahead. Which indeed she did, quickly regaining her vigor… These are great people.”

– Janice H.

“Therapist in your organization, and I cannot begin to tell you how extraordinary she is. Today, she brought a list she suggests I should show to my doctor. Some of the things she proposes are additional vitamins. Other things she discusses are side effects of some medications. She is no way prescribes, what she suggests is that I should show the list to my doctor. No therapist in my experience has taken this amount of care.”

– A Happy Patient

“I am writing this letter to thank you and to let you know what a pleasure it was to have L. as my physical therapist, during my stay in New York at my son’s home.

When I first met L, I immediately was impressed with her confidence in assessing my needs and making me aware of her plan to help me with relief of my pain. This left me confident she was going to be able to help me and that was very comforting. In my opinion, L is a 10+ on each of the categories of her assessment.

I would recommend L and OUTREACH to other individuals who need specialized and caring health therapy. I am able to go home to Virginia, knowing that I am much better and aware of the proper excerises I need to do to continue the good work L did for me.

I sincerely thank you.”

– N.B.

“Working in homecare has been surprisingly rewarding in that it allows me the freedom to adjust my schedule and provide extra therapy to patients when needed and hence, I never lose focus of why I became a speech pathologist in the first place, to help those with speech, language, and swallowing difficulties. When providing therapy from homes you get to see how your patient lives and what their needs are so that therapy can reflect true goals that’ll improve a person’s independence and quality of life. Although the organization continues to grow, what I like most about working for Outreach Rehab is that it has all the care and personality of a small company.”

– A Happy Patient

“Ever since I have become a licensed PT I have wanted to work in home care PT. The individualized attention and one on one interaction between the therapist and the patient in home care is what is fulfilling to me in my profession, and with Outreach, I get to accomplish my passion of dedicating my time to serve my patients better. Being an Outreach therapist, I consider the patients goals as my top priority while incorporating them in my POC. I have been working with Ms. Mary Kalt, who has balance and in-coordination problems. When I first started seeing Mary, 2 months ago, she could not even get up from a chair or a bed without the help of an aide. She seemed depressed because she had lost her independence. I visited her twice a week and gave her an extensive home exercise program which she religiously followed. Today, she is independent in her transfers. When I see the smile on Mary’s face when she gets up from her chair and walks around the house independently, I know that I have accomplished yet another milestone in my career. Thank you Outreach!”

– Sheetla G

“I have been working with Outreach since Dec’09. I would like to say, It is an excellent company to work for. I have found Alex and Lori to be extremely supportive, dependable, prompt, friendly and open during several interaction with them. I have learned many things from both of them professionally, which I respect. Company arranges In-services on different topics almost every month which is really helpful to enhance the knowledge about the PT area and it also provides a great opportunity to interact with other employees. I like this kind of environment as it offers flexible and independent schedule with the patients. All the patients whom I provide PT service seem very satisfied. Thank you very much Alex and Lori for all the support you have given.”

– Pavani

“Dear Mr. Greenspan –

I’m writing to express how impressed I am with Carlos M. He has been working w/ my 84 year old mom and I got a chance to meet him (and observe him) yesterday. He has an outstanding manner and certainly appears to know his stuff, clinically speaking. My mom is difficult to deal with given her memory loss and lethargy, but Carlos was as determined as he was kind.

Kudos to you for finding and keeping some this good.”

– B J

“Outreach has given me the opportunity to expand my skills at the same time that I can help patients with really pressing needs. This kind of setting requires figuring out different options to resolve challenges the patients have in their real world. Also gives me the independence and freedom to set my schedule and give quality services in a holistic way, being able to have a greater interaction and impact on the patient’s support system, family, physical and emotional environment. One of the most rewarding cases I have managed with outreach has been a very independent and strong willed 83 year old patient, who after a fall that caused a pelvic fracture, was unable to walk from her bedroom to her kitchen to get something to eat. We are still working in her strengthening and endurance, but she is already able to manage her own place and go out for her basic shopping. Another great gain in this case was that after 30 years of using transportation equipped with platforms, the patient relearned how to get in and out of a taxi/ regular car which have opened a great deal of possibilities, not only for her doctors appointments, but for her recreational activities. She was able to go out to celebrate her birthday accompanied by her family and friends, riding in the same car and was so happy to be able to share this time with her family.”

– Nelly G.

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