Outreach Rehabilitation Announces Partnership with Bright Side Manor Senior Living located in Teaneck, NJ.

New York, NY & Teaneck, NJ—October 7, 2019—Outreach Physical, Occupational Therapy and Speech Rehabilitation, PLLC (OUTREACH), a Rehab private practice, and Bright Side Manor (Senior Housing Services(SHS)), a non-profit assisted living facility located in Teaneck, NJ, announced a partnership this week to help the residents maximize their everyday function & age in place. 

Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy play an integral role in enhancing quality of life and are powerful modalities for building independence and maintaining function. Bright Side Manor and OUTREACH collaborate to promote independence for older adults and achieve their goals with rehabilitation therapies, leading to better functional outcomes, mobility & quality of life. An emphasis is placed on functional health education and therapy (PT/OT/SLP) for the continuation of progress between therapy sessions and beyond discharge.

Outreach provides excellent and convenient treatment in the privacy of patients’ homes, Senior Livings or their outpatient clinic. Therapists partners one-to-one with clients to address and improve pain levels, posture, range-of-motion, functional strength, balance, coordination, activities of daily living,  cognition, speech and swallowing. Evidence-based treatment is provided to address medical needs of clients with fall risks, chronic conditions (such as movement disorder or memory loss) and making recommendations to maximize safety and independence.

Outreach therapists are experienced and innovative in their care practice, Outreach therapists have the ability to turn a client’s home into the needed workspace by being resourceful with what’s available for treatment along with bringing all necessary equipment and providing a detail-oriented treatment approach. Outreach also works in partnership with Silver Stars Fitness, a personal training organization and Inspired Memory Care, a memory care organization to provide best care the clients and their family members deserve.  

ABOUT Bright Side Manor, Teaneck NJ: Bright Side Manor is a non-profit assisted living community in Teaneck, NJ, that has been providing housing and support services for older adults since 1915. In 2003, they became a licensed assisted living home with a commitment to serve low- and moderate-income older adults, especially those for whom typical assisted living communities are prohibitively expensive. 

Their Mission is to provide affordable housing & support services that respond to the changing needs and preferences of older adults, to offer a choice, to promote dignity and to ensure safety and comfort for our residents. Their home-like environment is what makes them unique to other assisted livings. Currently, in Northern New Jersey, there is a severe shortage of affordable housing and an even greater shortage of affordable assisted living communities. They are proud to be able to help address this need and are continually working toward expanding their programs and services to serve the fast-growing population of seniors. For more information you can go to www.seniorhousingservices.org, email info@seniorhousingservices.org or call at (201) 692-1000.

ABOUT Outreach Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy: Outreach is a private in-home rehabilitation group providing one-to-one rehabilitative services throughout the New York metropolitan area and New Jersey. Since 2004, Outreach’s therapists have a genuine interest in patient care, excellent professional training, compassion and focus on the adult and geriatric populations. Their mission is to stand against fall prevention, , promote strength, balance and healthy aging with therapeutic intervention, prevent institutionalization and help adults maximize their everyday function at home and  in the community. To learn more about Outreach’s in-home rehab & senior living solutions, please call 212-842-0080 or email info@outreach-rehab.com or feel free to reach out to Director of Community Outreach, Anuj Shah, ashah@outreach-rehab.com. Website: www.outreach-rehab.com.

How Outreach Can Help

We provide in-home Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy to individuals that have a difficult time getting/going to an out-patient rehabilitation facility on a consistent basis, prefer not to go to a facility, or those that are more effectively treated within their home.

We also have an out-patient clinic at 1110 2nd Avenue in the Sutton Place/UES area where we provide therapy for those who are adamant about receiving care in a clinic setting. Our evaluations are 45 minutes and treatments are one-to-one with an ample amount of treatment time per client (no double bookings allowed.)