Arranging Treatment

Outreach Physical and Occupational Therapy

Just a Phone Call Away

What are the first steps to take when needing physical, occupational or speech rehabilitation at home or in clinic?

If you or a family member feels that at-home or in clinic rehabilitation would be of benefit, there are simple steps you can take:

  1. Call your doctor, nurse practitioner, podiatrist or social worker  and tell them you would like Outreach  to assist in your rehabilitation.
  2. Request a prescription for an evaluation from your doctor, nurse practitioner or podiatrist.
  3. Call us at 212-842-0080 and we will arrange an  evaluation within 48 hours of your call.
  4. Getting started in clinic.

I am new in town and don’t yet have a physician. How do I arrange treatment with Outreach?

We cooperate with and can refer you to licensed medical professionals, all of whom make house calls.

Contact Outreach start your rehabilitation or for a referral. Call at 212-842-0080,  Fax over your Rx to 917-591-8494 or Click here for a referral form

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